Fern Trail Boardwalk Photo Collection

fern trail volunteers

NWS board member Deb Ford has photo-documented some of the volunteer workday scenes from the newly constructed Fern Trail boardwalk. The collection includes images of the seasonal flooding that impacts the trail; the deconstruction of the former ground-level boardwalk; and the incredible hard work (and fun) that went into building the new elevated boardwalk.

If you are curious to see how the boardwalk project came together, or if you are one of our amazing volunteers who would like a photo for your scrapbook, you can view the collection here. (It is easy to download individual images.)

Unloading materials
Chris Carlson, Greg Wilde, Jerry Krebs, Gene Kenny setting a frame

To our NWS volunteers: My profound thanks to all of you for putting up with a camera being pointed at you while you were hard at work. The new boardwalk is stunning. I am proud to be a small part of the gift you have given Newport and its visitors. Deb