Many of the educational programs, nature hikes, trail maintenance, clean-up days and other special events in Newport State Park wouldn’t happen without the fabulous support of volunteers and friends. We communicate with volunteers via centralized email groups.

If you would like to be notified about general volunteer opportunities for special events (Candlelight Ski, Newport Wilderness Days, Dark Sky events) or clean-up and work days in the park, click this link and request to join our email group.

Les Keepper, Mark Glasser, Jim Black, Rick Foster; Fall 2020 Workday

Many of our educational programs are led by experts who work closely with the Park Naturalist to produce natural history outings and courses for park visitors. If you are interested in volunteering and sharing your expertise, please contact Beth Bartoli directly. She can be reached in the Park Office (920-854-2500) or by email.

Trail maintenance is a year-round opportunity to help clear downed trees and branches and keep the trails open, safe, and enjoyable for public use. If you would like to work with the Newport Trail Maintenance Volunteers, click this link and request to join our email group.

Before: Sand Cove/Duck Bay Trail
After: Sand Cove/Duck Bay Trail