Replacing Kiosk Roofs

Text and Photos by Mark Glasser, NWS President

We got started on replacing kiosk roofs today, August 22, 2022.  NWS volunteer Dave Keen supplied the materials we needed from his inventory that included underlayment boards, tar paper, and shingles.  Today was a “proof of concept” to see if what we had would work and what was actually going to be needed to do the job.

Attached are some pictures from today at kiosk 1 (near the park entrance).  You will see that we started with more moss than shingles.  We removed all of the shingles and all of the underlayment boards.  We also replaced two of the joists on one end. Next steps will be to replace the fascia strip, add a drip edge, and then put on the paper and shingles.  

We are hoping that the other kiosks will be easier than this one, but now that we know more about what we are doing, we will schedule some upcoming work days for kiosks 2 and 3.