Spring 2022 Flooding on Fern Trail

Depending on the amount of winter snow and spring rains we receive in Door County, the park’s Fern Trail is often seasonally-flooded from April into early June. This year, the flooding has been impressive. These photos were taken on April 21.

NWS is planning to construct an elevated boardwalk through this section of trail. We removed four sections of ground-level boardwalk in November 2021 (story and photos here). We hope that construction on the new boardwalk will commence this summer.

This is a major infrastructure project for Newport Wilderness Society. To date, we have received approximately 75% of the funding support we need through grants and philanthropic donations. But fundraising continues. If you would like to donate to this effort to keep the Fern Trail accessible to all visitors in all seasons, please use this donation form on our website.

Fern Trail Flooding, April 2022
Gene Kenny, NWS Board
Gene Kenny, NWS Board