Delivery of Materials: Fern Trail Boardwalk Construction Begins

With the initial delivery of materials and hardware, we are officially underway with the construction of a new elevated, accessible boardwalk along a section of the popular Fern Trail that is prone to spring flooding.

Delivery of construction material from Custom Manufacturing (Clinton, WI) occurred earlier this week. Greg Thoma (Sister Bay, WI) worked with us to unload and move materials down the trail. The finished boardwalk will be 1,800 feet in length. This first delivery comprises just the first 600 feet of the project.

NWS volunteers Gene Kenny, Mark Glasser, Greg Wilde and Gerry Swanson got busy assembling the very first pan. Only 74 more to go…for this first 1/3rd of the boardwalk.

Photos of work accomplished Sept 19 & 20, 2022
by Deb Ford
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Greg Wilde models the Fern Trail volunteer t-shirt
First of two semi loads of construction materials
Greg Wilde; Mark Glasser (photo: Gene Kenny)
First pan assembly; Greg Wilde; Mark Glasser (photo: Gene Kenny)
Greg Thoma unloading the goods
Greg Thoma moving construction material down Fern Trail; Gerry Swanson behind
Pan assembly