And We’re Off: First Workday on Fern Trail Boardwalk

Text and Photos by Deb Ford, NWS Board

NWS volunteers have begun constructing the first 600′ of the new elevated, accessible boardwalk that will traverse a seasonally-flooded section of the Fern Trail. Preassembled panels, decking lumber and hardware were delivered to the park on September 19 & 20. Our first workday was Saturday, September 24. Despite persistent rain, it was a very productive first day, with over 20 volunteers coming out to help. NWS volunteers also provided morning coffee, baked treats, and lunch. This is how we roll!

We plan similar 6-hour Saturday workdays through October…with coffee to start and lunch provided mid-day. If you are interested in joining our dedicated group of volunteers, please go here to join our NWS Volunteer email group. This is how we communicate our specific needs for this and all other volunteer projects at Newport.

A primer on the evolution of the Fern Trail Boardwalk Reconstruction can be found here. Specific questions about this particular infrastructure project can be directed to Gene Kenny or Mark Glasser.

Park Manager Brian Grube (red jacket) discussing safety protocols
Helen Kenny; Deb Wolf; Andy Orf; Maureen Flatley
Terry Wolf; Terry Heidenreiter; Ken Foszcz
Andy Orf
Gene Kenny (L) and Mark Glasser (center) explaining basics of assembly
(L-R) Les Keepper; Gene Kenny; Chad Farrell
???; Mark Glasser; Chad Farrell; Terry Wolf
Les Keepper; Jim Ryan; Terry Heidenreiter; Eamon O’Dowd
Ken Foszcz; ???; Terry Heidenreiter; Jim Ryan; Gene Kenny
Andy Orf; Deb Wolf
Eamon O’Dowd; ???
Eamon O’Dowd; Brian Grube; Terry Wolf; Jim Ryan; Gene Kenny