NWS Fall Clean-up Morning at Newport

On Saturday, October 10, which happened to be one of those iconically beautiful Door County fall mornings, several Newport Wilderness Society volunteers met at the park to give the outside of the Visitors Center a much needed sprucing-up. Walls and windows were scrubbed, weeds were pulled, storm gutters cleaned out, and sidewalks were hosed down.

It was a socially-distanced, masked-up, small group effort organized and led by Mark Glasser. Jim Black, Deb Ford, Rick Foster, and Les Keepper participated. They worked hard to get the bulk of the work finished before the drive-up window opened at 10am. They don’t believe any park visitors were hosed down in the process!

Although Newport has had one of its busiest summer seasons, Covid-related restrictions have made it difficult for volunteers to gather to help park staff with routine maintenance projects. Nevertheless, planning continues for future work and improvement projects in the park. We will keep you apprised of those plans as they develop.

Photos from Fall Clean-up Morning
(by Deb Ford)

Jim Black, Mark Glasser, Rick Foster
Les Keepper
Les Keepper
Rick Foster
Jim Black, Mark Glasser
Jim Black
Mark Glasser, Jim Black
Les Keepper, Mark Glasser, Jim Black, Rick Foster