Ramps (Wild Leeks)

In this segment of “Out with the Naturalist”, Beth Bartoli discusses ramps, which can be found in many parts of Newport State Park.

Many people refer to them as “wild leeks”. They are an edible member of the Allium family and have a strong onion-garlic flavor. They are perfect in all sorts of recipes and may be frozen for use throughout the year.

As Beth reminds us, it is illegal and unethical to dig up wild plants in any state park. You may, however, harvest the leaves and seeds of ramps, as long as they are for personal consumption only.

Beth has shared the following Wild Leek and Potato Soup recipe. She also recommends TheSpruceEats.com for other recipes using Ramps.


Beth began filming these short videos during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Like all state parks at the time, Newport was mostly closed and the public was encouraged to shelter at home. She wanted to share what was going on in the park with anyone who couldn’t be there, especially since the naturalist programs and hikes were cancelled.