Thank You: Carol and Chris Ash

kick ash carol ash

Friends groups like Newport Wilderness Society do not exist without the contributions of, well, friends. Today we want to recognize the extraordinary, ongoing support we receive from Carol and Chris Ash of Kick Ash Products in Ellison Bay.

Where do we start?

  • Coffee!! Chris and Carol created their very popular Dark Sky Roast coffee in March 2021 to recognize Newport SP and its designation as an International Dark Sky Park. When you purchase a bag of Dark Sky Roast, you are donating $3 in support of dark sky educational and preservation programs at Newport. Since 2021, your Dark Sky Roast purchases have contributed over $11,000 to NWS.
  • Newport-branded merchandise sales. Merchandise sales are a significant source of income for NWS; 100% of profits from park merchandise sales are returned to NWS. Beginning in March 2020, when the Newport park office was closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, Carol set up a table at Kick Ash dedicated to the sale of park merchandise. Carol helped make sure that that source of funding continued during a very trying time for everyone…and it continues to this day.
  • Kick Ash provides countless donations of coffee and baked goods for NWS events and programs.
  • Kick Ash has provided a venue for NWS events such as our annual volunteer recognition dinner.
  • Carol has served on the NWS board for almost 6 years. She has a lifelong love of Newport State Park; her local small-business owner perspective is invaluable.
kick ash carol ash
Chris and Carol Ash at Kick Ash Coffee in Ellison Bay
Your purchase of this bag of coffee provides $3 to NWS to support our Dark Sky Park programs.