2020 Annual Meeting Cancelled

Due to the many lingering concerns with the COVID 19 outbreak, we regretfully must cancel our 2020 Annual Meeting scheduled for July 25th. This remains a time where our primary concerns rest with the safety of our Friends Group members, park staff, and our board of directors.

We will post a copy of our 2020 Annual Report on our website in late July for your review. While browsing the website, you can also keep up to date with activities within Newport State Park.

There is one item of business usually attended to during our Annual Meeting that will need to be managed in an electronic fashion in 2020. Four individuals are being recommended by the NWS Board of Directors to serve 3-year terms on the board ending in 2023.

Those individual are:

  • Gene Kenny
  • Jeanne Rabel
  • Deb Ford
  • Mark Glasser

You may cast your vote via email, nwsmembership@newportwildernesssociety.org. You may also nominate individuals to serve on the board while casting your vote. 

The members of the NWS Board hope that you and your families are safe and healthy and in good spirits. Thank you for your interest in and support of Newport State Park and its Friends Group, the Newport Wilderness Society.