June Workday at the Park

Despite a morning of fog and drizzle, several NWS members met at Newport on Saturday, June 26 to tackle some work projects in the park. We weeded and tidied up the gardens at the Visitors Center, did some maintenance along the Fern Trail boardwalk, and walked the Upland Trail to determine whether any interpretive signage needed repair or replacement.

We also began removing a large patch of invasives that is encroaching on the picnic grounds at Lot 3. That work is ongoing. Let Mark Glasser know if you are interested in helping!

Some photos from the day:

(L-R) Rick Foster, Tom Flatley, Greg Wilde, Maureen Flatley, Jim Black, Sheryl Honig, Terry Heidenreiter, Mark Glasser, Gene Kenny, Rosemary Kluge, Bob Kluge, Marcia Eischen (Deb Ford behind the camera)
Invasive patch encroaching on the picnic area (‘before’ photo)
Jim Black
Sheryl Honig and Tom O’Grady working at the Visitor Center gardens
Getting a lesson on the sickle-mower from park employee Becca Platzke
Gene Kenny
Rick Foster, Mark Glasser hauling cut brush