Spring Workday 2022

An amazing group of over 40 NWS volunteers came out on Saturday, April 30th to help park staff move forward on some large projects at Newport. The exterior of the Visitors Center and nearby gardens were tidied up; trash was picked up from along the main road and along Newport Beach. The Picnic Shelter and nearby bathrooms and fire pits were cleaned. A large area of juniper was cleared near Newport Beach. Posts were installed to eventually rope off some beach dune habitat that will be restored with native plants.

Much of this was incredibly hard work and we couldn’t be prouder of our volunteers. They gifted Newport with their time, talent and muscles on a blustery, overcast day.

Photos from the morning…

Mark Glasser, NWS Volunteer Coordinator
Terry Heidenreiter, Jim Ryan, Jim Black
Carol Forner, Chad Farrell, Sherry Seubert
Jean Nowak
Maureen Flatley
Jim Ryan, Herb Shoemaker
Herb Shoemaker
Brian Grube, Park Manager
Alison Whitney
Brian Grube, Terry Heidenreiter riding shotgun
Linda Glasser
Eric Moore, Janet Zuffa
Chad, DNR, digging postholes
Jim Ryan, Peter Nowak, Herb Shoemaker
Herb Shoemaker
Timmy and Mary Lyons
Carol Forner
Eryka and Jack Fiedler
Rich Kanas
Clearing juniper
Judy Keen, Mary O’Grady
Jim Ryan, Herb Shoemaker, Peter Nowak
So much hard work accomplished…