Introducing our Team of Newport Trail Stewards

There are approximately 26 miles of wilderness, silent-sport (hiking, biking, skiing) trails at Newport. This is a significant area of public use in the park that needs to be monitored through all seasons.

NWS now has a team of trail stewards who volunteer their time to keep an eye on and communicate issues that might arise along their assigned trail (downed trees, invasive species, signage/infrastructure concerns, for example).

TrailTrail Steward(s)
Europe Bay BeachJean and Jerry Krebs
Europe Bay NorthChad Farrell
Gary Gavin
Europe Bay SouthDave and Paula Kocken
FernChuck DiVerde
HotzMarcia and Mike Eischen
Les and Julia Keepper
Lynd PointHolly Smith and Larry Gales
Stacey and Keith McKendry
MonarchEd Van Gemert
Newport/RidgeFrancis and Cathy Osorno
PoetrySheryl Honig
Rowleys Bay EastJanet and Eric Zuffa
Rowleys Bay WestLaura Maloney
Sand Cove/Duck BayAnne Davies
SugarbushDon and Laura Schmitt
UplandRick and Mary Foster

Top photo: NWS Volunteers Les Keepper and Brad Quinn clearing a downed tree from the Sugarbush Trail