Invasive Plant Species and NWS

Newport State Park is not immune to the introduction and spread of invasive plant species. When invasives become established, they can quickly choke out native plant populations…out-competing them for space, sunlight and soil nutrients. Invasives are more problematic in areas of the park where humans (and wildlife) tend to travel: trails, campsites, and beaches, for example.

NWS is going on the offensive against invasives…and we need your help:

  • We have a new Invasives Committee (Maureen Flatley, Deb Ford, and Rick Foster) working with Newport (and Peninsula) park staff. We are also supported by NWS Board member Kari Hagenow. Kari has extensive experience with invasive species control through her work on the Door County Invasive Species Team and The Nature Conservancy.
  • It is going to take consistent, long-term, volunteer people-hours and effort to monitor and corral the most serious infestations of invasives in the park. Please join our Newport Volunteers email group if you would like to receive notifications of opportunities to volunteer with us.
  • We have recently started a Trail Steward program at Newport. Along with other responsibilities, trail stewards will be trained to help us monitor our efforts with invasive species control along their respective trails.
  • Maureen Flatley is hosting a workshop on invasive species on June 22 at the park. More info here. We are also planning other informational programs related to invasive species management.

We understand that we will never completely eliminate invasives from Newport, but we are confident that we can control their spread and help protect Newport State Park’s amazing biodiversity. If this issue is important to you, please join us in our efforts!

Top photo: Francis Osorno, one of our newest NWS volunteers, works a dense patch of garlic mustard along the Lynd Point trail; May 2024